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1good~morning Empty good~morning on Sun Feb 15, 2009 1:47 pm

Aashiq Bhatti

Aashiq Bhatti
Admin A@shiq
Admin A@shiq
good~morning Ggood~morning Ogood~morning Ogood~morning D

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good~morning 2mhwt1c

I feel alive beside you
and all at once
I am whole again.
We fall into each other
Your atmosphere
is all I'm breathing in
and in this rush
we are crushed.

good~morning 2hnm90i

Carry me down
roll it in your arms
'cause I can't remember
ever falling this hard
Tell me tonight,
all that we have been
Was it nothin' more
than noise inside my head
crashing down, crashing down,
in your avalanche
in your avalanche.

good~morning 2hnm90i

These scars we wear remind us
the more we change
the more we're all the same
swept up in this emotion
we fumble through and make the same mistakes
'cause we are led
to the edge
good~morning 2hnm90i

I feel alive beside you
than all at once I am whole again...

good~morning 33tm32a

good~morning 2djqqu1

good~morning 677dyc

good~morning Agood~morning Rgood~morning Igood~morning F

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